TANGHALANG PILIPINO: Summer Theater Adventure 2014

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Musically Inclined Family

Among the four siblings in our family, I am the only male and the youngest of all. Each of us has 2 to 4 years of age gap. In short, our parents if they not strictly followed the proper birth spacing, then they made the right timing and decision of raising us successfully as their dependents.

Aside from the advantage of deciding correctly, what is more interesting in our family is that we are musically inclined. My mother and father used to sing, however, we have greater music influence from our mother side since most of my aunties were singing professionally during their prime. Some of them even won the national singing competition in our country.

One of my aunties even owns a keyboard which is similar to those available in the market today like this Yamaha keyboard. You could buy mox6 from guitar center.

My auntie uses her keyboard not only in her job as a band leader/performer but also, she plays it everytime we have family occasions. Thus her nieces and nephews like me, who have talents in singing, will perform in the short program. (AAP)

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Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey

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A Paper that Flies

When the Internet has entered our world, it dominated almost all industries leaving some of the technology to be obsolete. As an advantage, it decreases the production rate of paper bills because one could actually see their bills online and even paid online without the hassle of going to the payment center carrying the bill and falling in line just to settle the amount.

However, for safe keeping purposes, one might prefer the printed bills instead of online.

In my own point of view, I could easily remember anything written on paper as compare with that of the online stuff. That’s why we notice that printing flyers still exist as part of a strategic advertising because people could easily remember what they touch instead of just seeing it.

I could still remember the time when I experienced giving flyers to the customers. Although some of them just, you know, taking the flyers with them without reading it but I know somewhere in their destination, he or she will read what’s written on the flyer. And if that person just leaves it to a certain place without reading it, I’m sure other people will reach the information unintentionally making the vast widespread of advertising. (AAP)

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Nuffnang turns 7

Nuffnang, a globally competitive blog advertising, celebrates its 7th year anniversary in the Philippines which held at Republiq Club, Resorts World Manila, February 28.

Bloggers from different niche were invited to socialize with other bloggers and the Nuffnang staffs. Also, some of these bloggers were even celebrity like Mr. Jim Paredes.

I went to the event with my cousin, Janine Daquio, who is also a blogger.

Free-flowing of cocktail drinks such as Rhum-Cola and the like were served during the event. Furthermore, they also raffled away high-end JBL headsets. (AAP)

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One, Two, Three: Say Cheese!

Have you ever wondered the feeling when someone is staring at you in your day-to-day life; quite uncomfortable right? Like the participants of the reality show, Big Brother House. They are being monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the entire duration of the show, and somehow they are deprived of their privacy.

If you will think of the design of the Big Brother House, you will realize that there are lots of cameras installed around the house so that the participants can be monitored. I believe that these are not just simple CCTV cameras because the footages are actually sharp and clear like the shots of the high end cameras.

The cameras used in the big brother house are totally different from those that are used in special documentaries of National Geographic or Discovery Channel. Since it needs to capture a more vivid footage of certain featured animals, these cameras should be durable and with higher specs like the Deer Camera.

Camera is one of the greatest inventions of all time because without it, we couldn’t preserve those special memories with our loved ones that we want to treasure while we are still alive. The memories could linger in our mind but it may not be sufficient because as we get older, we may unintentionally forget it even if we don’t want to! (AAP)

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Deadline for Virgin LabFest Year 10

Calling all aspiring playwrights! The Virgin Labfest YEAR 10 is now open for script submissions.

The Virgin Labfest is an annual festival of unpublished, unstaged, untried and untested Filipino works for the theater held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. This festival is a partnership project of the Writer’s Bloc, Inc., Tanghalang Pilipino, Inc. and the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

This year, the Virgin Labfest will choose twelve (12) “virgin” one-act plays.

The Virgin Labfest is open to submissions of the following written works:

1. One-Act plays, (maximum running time: 40 minutes)

2. All submitted works must NOT have been previously:

– published in book form;

– staged commercially for more than two performances (staged readings, one-time workshop productions are allowed);

– awarded any literary or drama recognition in competitions and the like

3. Works may be written in Filipino or English.

The festival is open to various themes and genres. It is likewise open to works written in the regional languages but will require accompanying translations in Filipino.

 Deadline of Submission is on FEBRUARY 28, 2014.

 Submissions may be sent either online — email: in .doc or .pdf format only to rodyvera@gmail.com, nikkigtorres@gmail.com, or drama_ccp@yahoo.com. Or delivered (at least two hard copies) to CLOTILDE LUCERO or NIKKI TORRES, Performing Arts Department, Upper Basement, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Roxas Boulevard, Pasay City

Submissions should indicate full name and contact address of the playwright. (AAP)

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The Hanging Bin

Two years ago, I posted an article about the importance of hanging bookshelf. Aside from the convenience of looking for books in the shelf, it could also save you space in your room. This time, I’d like to share with you another hanging thing, ‘the hanging bin’.

Unlike the hanging bookshelf, the hanging bin is an enclosed fixture similar to a cabinet but with lock where one could secure their valuables like money or gadgets. The other name of the hanging bin is an overhead bin since it is usually located in the upper part of an office cubicle, and its lid is usually being moved upward to open the bin.

In my case, we have that overhead bin in our office and like I mentioned, we put our valuables there. However, I just notice a problem with the lid of the bin. Since it could only be opened by pulling it upwardly, the tendency is that, you need to hold it for quite sometime to let you see what’s inside the bin because it doesn’t have a support to just leave a small opening for you to take a peek.

Although, you could completely open the lid of the bin by pushing it upward and sliding it fully on top of the bin but this will widely open the overhead bin. What if you have something confidential inside your bin, I bet you wouldn’t want your officemate to even have a glimpse of it, right? So the best way to address that one is to install a customized lid stay as this will let you control the opening of the lid of the bin.

This will not only prevent accident caused by the lid of the overhead bin but it could also put the handiness of the bin for its user. (AAP)

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Experience the Sweeter Yet Thrift Chocolates Ever

Last Sunday, after attending the Holy Mass, I and my nephew, went to S&R Congressional Shopping to treat him and have a sort of bonding moment. You know it’s a good idea for a bachelor like me to mingle with a relative since I consider it as a form of relaxation as well.

But before we filled our tummies with the sumptuous food, we also strolled inside the shopping center and hey, guess what? I would like to share with you what we saw there.

Since Heart’s Day is getting nearer and the common thing that we are giving to our loved ones are chocolates. Check these discounted chocolates available at S&R Congressional Shopping Center.

1. Ferrero Rocher T24 – PhP475.95

2. Ferrero Rocher T12 – PhP279.95

3. Ferrero Rocher Heart – PhP254.95 (Not discounted)

4. All Chocolate (M&M / Hershey’s) – PhP1,249.95 (Not discounted)

5. Ghirardelli Premium Chocolate Squares – PhP699.95

6. Nestle Assorted Miniatures – PhP579.95 (Not discounted)

7. Hershey’s Heath Chocolates 6Pack – PhP149.95

8. Toblerone Valentine Bundle300G – PhP339.95 (Not discounted)

9. Toblerone Milk 400G – PhP347.95 (Not discounted)

10. Merci Finest Collection – PhP229.95

11. Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Pound Bar – PhP429.95

12. Dairy Milk or Fruit and Nut 165G – PhP109.95

13. Kitkat Minis Bag 250G – PhP179.95 (Not discounted)

14. Nestle Ultimate Classroom 21Z – PhP299.95

15. Lindt Lindor Heart – PhP284.95

16. Butterfinger Heart 10Z – PhP159.95

17. Lindt Lindor Truffles 21.2 oz – PhP599.95

18. LU Milk Chocolate Cafe Cookies 150G – PhP99.95

19. LU White Chocolate Cookies 150G – PhP99.95

20. Daelmans Wafer Tin 230G – PhP199.95

I’m not quite sure if the same brands of discounted chocolates are available in other branches of S&R. Maybe you could inquire to your nearest S&R branch. Have a sweet shopping! (AAP)

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Prolonging the Shelf Life

You might say that it’s not appropriate to use the word ‘shelf life’ to everything because commonly, the word is only used for something that is perishable like food or medicines; something with best before seal.

Hence, I associate this word with everything because for me, shelf life is the life span of something like gadgets, mobile phones, iPad, or even musical instruments. It is a basic idea that in order to prolong any life span, one must protect it. And the common way of protecting it is with the use of case or cover.

For instance, in our acoustic band, each member has their own protective cases to secure our musical instruments like guitars and beatbox. While browsing over the net, I saw this unique skb drum cases at guitar center. But since we are acoustic band, we do not use such instrument, maybe in the future, if we became a full band, then we might as well consider purchasing this cool protective case to prolong the shelf life of the drum set.

Prevention is better than cure – this is more on the health side, while for material things, I could probably say that protection is the best way to save money because it doesn’t only prevents you from purchasing the same kind, but it also defines the true meaning of sentimental value. (AAP)

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