Prolonging the Shelf Life

You might say that it’s not appropriate to use the word ‘shelf life’ to everything because commonly, the word is only used for something that is perishable like food or medicines; something with best before seal.

Hence, I associate this word with everything because for me, shelf life is the life span of something like gadgets, mobile phones, iPad, or even musical instruments. It is a basic idea that in order to prolong any life span, one must protect it. And the common way of protecting it is with the use of case or cover.

For instance, in our acoustic band, each member has their own protective cases to secure our musical instruments like guitars and beatbox. While browsing over the net, I saw this unique skb drum cases at guitar center. But since we are acoustic band, we do not use such instrument, maybe in the future, if we became a full band, then we might as well consider purchasing this cool protective case to prolong the shelf life of the drum set.

Prevention is better than cure – this is more on the health side, while for material things, I could probably say that protection is the best way to save money because it doesn’t only prevents you from purchasing the same kind, but it also defines the true meaning of sentimental value. (AAP)

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Engr. Aleksandre Pates (a.k.a. Aleks or André) is an I.T. Professional and Electronics Engineer by profession, but it didn’t hinder him to enrich his skills and broaden his experience in theater and literary. He is also a College Instructor/Professor, Playwright, Artistic/Creative Director, Singer, Songwriter/Composer, Resource Speaker/Lecturer of Campus Journalism, Editorial Writing, Creative Writing and Leadership Empowerment for Youth. He is a Palanca Awardee, and he was the Editor-In-Chief of The Philippine Artisan (official student publication of TUP-Manila) from 2003-2007. He is a Certified Oracle Partner Expert since 2010, a Certified Harvard Connected Manager, and a member of the prolific playwright organizations in the Philippines, The WritersBloc. He also holds numerous positions in socio-civic and professional organizations like Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines (IECEP – Manila Chapter), FEU Institute of Technology, and De La Salle Araneta University Alumni Association, Inc.
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