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Every ticking is Important

When I was in college I have a professor who said she can barely undress everything but not her wristwatch because that’s how important time to her. Her statement pretty much coincides with her personality since she is a well-disciplined … Continue reading

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Fibr Home’s Most Powerful Broadband

How fast? How furious? When it comes to internet connection, speed is what matters most! The faster your connection, the more you could maximize your time. Imagine, if you are a writer or blogger like me, or let’s say you … Continue reading

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Rock Musical

Last night, my busy schedule has given me the privilege to watch a Musical Stage Play entitled Maxie The Musical based on an independent film last 2005. The story was great and the actors who played each of the characters … Continue reading

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Want to Know More About HIV, meet Melanie

When Human Immuno Deficiency Virus (HIV) was discovered in 1984, it changed the way how people should make an all-the-way relationship from strangers. Well, if it’s just for friendship where you want someone you can talk to, then that’s fine, … Continue reading

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