One, Two, Three: Say Cheese!

Have you ever wondered the feeling when someone is staring at you in your day-to-day life; quite uncomfortable right? Like the participants of the reality show, Big Brother House. They are being monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the entire duration of the show, and somehow they are deprived of their privacy.

If you will think of the design of the Big Brother House, you will realize that there are lots of cameras installed around the house so that the participants can be monitored. I believe that these are not just simple CCTV cameras because the footages are actually sharp and clear like the shots of the high end cameras.

The cameras used in the big brother house are totally different from those that are used in special documentaries of National Geographic or Discovery Channel. Since it needs to capture a more vivid footage of certain featured animals, these cameras should be durable and with higher specs like the Deer Camera.

Camera is one of the greatest inventions of all time because without it, we couldn’t preserve those special memories with our loved ones that we want to treasure while we are still alive. The memories could linger in our mind but it may not be sufficient because as we get older, we may unintentionally forget it even if we don’t want to! (AAP)

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Engr. Aleksandre Pates (a.k.a. Aleks or André) is an I.T. Professional and Electronics Engineer by profession, but it didn’t hinder him to enrich his skills and broaden his experience in theater and literary. He is also a College Instructor/Professor, Playwright, Artistic/Creative Director, Singer, Songwriter/Composer, Resource Speaker/Lecturer of Campus Journalism, Editorial Writing, Creative Writing and Leadership Empowerment for Youth. He is a Palanca Awardee, and he was the Editor-In-Chief of The Philippine Artisan (official student publication of TUP-Manila) from 2003-2007. He is a Certified Oracle Partner Expert since 2010, a Certified Harvard Connected Manager, and a member of the prolific playwright organizations in the Philippines, The WritersBloc. He also holds numerous positions in socio-civic and professional organizations like Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines (IECEP – Manila Chapter), FEU Institute of Technology, and De La Salle Araneta University Alumni Association, Inc.
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