The Importance of Mindset

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What’s the first thing that you do when you get home after long hours of working in the office? I usually remove my shoes then my socks, and if the TV program in the living room is quite interesting, then I will spend my time there while sitting at the sofa and placing my feet on top of a stool chair. If the show is boring, I go directly to my room, change my clothes then I lay on my bed without doing anything but just staring at the ceiling or wall. I’m doing this to relieve my stress which is somehow effective because after an hour or so, I feel recharge. It’s what I call, mindset through ambiance.

There was a time when I’m relaxing in my room and our neighborhood next to it suddenly played a loud noisy music, what I did is I went down to the living room instead and I watched a movie while munching some chips. Again, my mindset has worked out to free me from annoyance.

Mindset is not only applicable in relaxation because you can use your mindset in all situations like when you take the exams (of course you have to review as well), or you want to have a lively party, or you want to enjoy a meaningful vacation (whatever happens), or you want to be satisfied in a good meal served on the table (even when you’re eating alone), or even when you want to go to the office and get the work done happily (even if it’s difficult).

Like what I’ve said, the key to an effective mindset is through your surroundings or ambiance. You cannot definitely convince yourself of something that is truly opposite with reality. That’s why you need to choose your preference that you feel you want to get things done like staying in your most favorite part of your home. For instance, if you think dining room is the most comfortable part of your home to enjoy the food, then make it pleasing to your eyes, you can purchase the model of the furniture that you really like (for example, you can pick from a wide variety of bistro furniture at thegardengates to make the dining room cozy enough). Or if you will have a vacation, then you can consider inviting your true friends or your close family members to ensure that your vacation will be memorable. I recommend that you should not settle for something that you just like over something that you really want and aiming to have.

Mindset is the key to every situation if you want to achieve something. Because when you set your mind, you already set the expectation despite all the odds that could happen. However, you have to use your mindset positively, since we all know that a positive something is a negative nothing and that is the true essence of contentment. (AAP)

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