How to Avoid Christmas Shopping Rush

Are you tired of the yearly Christmas Shopping Rush? Well, change your habit or should I say break your paradigm. Based on what I read from a book, it takes 21 days to break someone’s paradigm. And if you get used to it, you will know how to value punctuality.

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Two weekends ago, it was a privilege for a busy person like me to almost accomplish my Christmas gift shopping for my godchildren (4 goddaughters and 2 godsons) when I accidentally passed through the TriNoma mall. I was able to buy gifts for 5 of my 6 godchildren. This year, I’ve chosen to give them signature school bags which they can use either in school or when they go out to have a family affair. Meanwhile, here are some of the tips to make your Christmas Shopping hassle-free:

  1. Time is gold! Remember that timing is necessary as it has been my practice to buy Christmas gifts at least a month before the 25th of December. Moreover, I can still remember that two years ago I have experienced doing the Christmas shopping as early as October, and it was really an advantage because I didn’t experience difficulty in buying the presents. Also, I’ve given myself an ample amount of time in selecting and deciding what presents to give them.
  2. Make a name list. You are familiar with the names of each of the family members living inside the house, however writing down all their names including your godchildren, close friends or even your neighbors would ensure you that you won’t duplicate your gifts and you won’t miss anyone. Instead of listing it to the synapse of your brain cells, creating a name list in a piece of paper won’t even bother a single brain cell.
  3. Avail discounted items. Yes, this suggestion is part of my list because it could really save you money. When I say ‘save’ I mean big discounts like 70% or 80% off. But in doing so, it should be accompanied with correct timing. If there’s a big discount sale in a mall, then prepare for it. Be punctual enough to plan ahead and aim to be the first person in the mall. As the saying goes, early bird catches the worm or should I say good quality items.
  4. Balance cash and cashless. Some of us always want to shop cashless using either credit or debit card, but this time I highly recommend you to bring with you your cash because sometimes, the card reader is offline. Well, anticipate for the worse so that you won’t get hassle.
  5. Don’t avail Christmas sales and promos on December. One of the strategies that the mall is doing today is promoting a Christmas sale campaign. Well, based on my observation, they are just doing this to entice their customers to shop because if you will try to analyze, most of the products they are offering, are actually not discounted. Quite a strategy, huh!

Traditionally, we Filipinos love to cram in everything. But if we can just break this tradition and change for the better, then we are not just overcoming our ‘Christmas Shopping Rush’ paradigm but we are also uplifting our nation unknowingly. Remember that a punctual person is always indeed one step ahead of that diligent one. (AAP)

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