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It is nice to know that most of the people are now aware and conscious about the benefits of exercise. Thus, Fun Runs are being conducted almost every month not just for the benefit of one’s health but also for the benefit of the environment, cancer patients or sometimes even saving energy. Why did I say so? It’s because when you participate in these fun runs, portion of proceeds goes to the respective organization to help sustain their projects for their advocacy.

However, don’t engage yourself just because everybody does, thinking that it’s ‘in’ when you run. Definitely, it is, but you need to consider certain preparations to enjoy this exciting activity.

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Based on experience, here are some of the tips:

  1. Even if you think you are strong enough and you know your agility will always be at its peak, don’t participate in a hurry. Give yourself a dry run at least two weeks before your actual run. You can practice running either on a treadmill or around the park as long as you are running the desired distance. This will enable your body to quickly adapt to the said activity.
  2. Buy a good pair of running shoes. It doesn’t always mean that if it’s expensive, it’s durable! Sometimes, you are just paying for the brand of the shoes and not the material that was used in it. You can find wide variety of quality unbranded running shoes in malls or tiangge.
  3. Prepare your budget. Most of the fun run (even the sponsored one) requires registration fee. So I would suggest that before the registration day starts, you might consider saving some of your allowance. On the day of the fun run, you should bring spare money for your transportation or food that you can use before and after the activity.
  4. Never bring too many valuables. There is no room for gold earrings or expensive bracelets or necklaces in the fun run. This is not a fashion show! I would think that you don’t want these jewelries to be stolen or to be stained by your own sweat while you are running. Mobile phones and tablets are okay to bring as long as it is secured in a drawstring bag. You can also bring a bottle of water if the water or energy drink provided by the organizers is not enough.
  5. Use an appropriate bag. Belt bags are okay to use but if you don’t have a car to put your extra clothes which can be used after the activity, then I highly suggest using drawstring bags instead. It is not only spacious enough to put your extra clothes, wallets or gadgets but you can also carry it at your back while you are running. Although the organizers of the fun run may provide a baggage counter, I still recommend that you bring with you your bag as this guarantee the security of your valuables.

Aside from the health benefits, you will also find several booths that offer games and freebies at the fun run area. These are the sponsors of the event and some of them really give something worth it.

You can run at your own pace even without joining fun run event but when you partake in this kind of activity, you have not only gained the same health benefit but you also made a difference unintentionally since you’ve helped the organization in their meaningful advocacy. (AAP)

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