The Wonders of Epi-Lasik

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The Wonders of Epi-Lasik

It’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder… But if one cannot see the picture clearly, the so-called beauty is just wasted because he or she cannot appreciate that. There is lot of reasons why human suffers from poor eyesight: it maybe hereditary or sometimes due to lack of Vitamin A, but most of the time, it is because of one’s abuse to health.

I was once a victim of poor eyesight. I remember the time I wore my first eyeglasses when I was only a 3rd year highschool student. I started having a grade of 50 for both eyes and as years went by, my vision got worse which ended up having grades of 500 and 575 for my left and right eyes, respectively (a significant 100% increase within 10 years period from 1999-2009). During these times, I am really dependent on my eyeglasses. I can’t even go somewhere else without it. It’s like, it’s already part of my face and it annoys me everytime I wipe my perspiration, because I still need to remove it first. It also hindered me to participate in outdoor sports and activities which makes me kinda’ indoor type of person.

Fortunately, with the wonders of technology, all these concerns have vanished when I got my clear vision back in 2010. Thus, I’m really thankful because it is now 20/16 (much even better as compare to the normal 20/20). This miracle is all because of the Epi-Lasik technology.

Epi-Lasik is a modern operational treatment for the eyes to cure or should I say ‘correct’ its refractive error condition whether it’s nearsighted (Myopia), farsighted (Hyperopia) or even Astigmatism (I think its capability is not only limited to resolve these three). These conditions are due to the deformation of the eye lenses (cornea) and it varies per type: for nearsightedness, the cornea has too much curvature or we can say that the eyeball is too long; for farsightedness, the cornea has not enough curvature or the eyeball is too short; and for astigmatism, there is a deviation in the shape of cornea (a shape other than spherical).

The Epi-Lasik operation adjusts the lens of the eyes by reshaping the surface of the cornea. However, not everyone can undergo the said operation (even if you can afford it) because it varies per condition, thus one must undergo and pass the eye testing/screening first prior to the actual operation. This procedure is performed to determine whether the patient’s eyes can handle such operation. I can still remember that, part of the major screening is to measure the thickness of the cornea, since the operation involves cutting a thin flap prior to the actual laser operation.

Once the patient has passed the screening, he or she will be scheduled for the actual operation. For patients wearing contact lenses, he or she needs to remove that and instead wear eyeglasses for one or two weeks (I’m not exactly sure on the number of days) before the operation.

In my case, after setting the date, the clinic has provided me a kit that includes eye drops, a pair of goggles, and documents containing the patient’s instructions before, during and after the operation. The perfect day to conduct the said operation is Friday because as per doctor’s advice, there will be three to four days downtime after the operation so if you are a full time employee, it’s better to set it on that day.

Before the actual operation, the patients will be asked to wear the appropriate suit like patient gown, cap and slippers. After that, the nurse and the doctor will orient the patients including their respective companion about the next thing that will happen.

Upon entering the operating room, the doctor will ask you to lie down on the bed just beneath the laser machine, and after that you just need to trust the doctor and follow whatever instruction he or she will give whether to widely open your eyes or to stare at something (he told me to stare at the blinking red light).

It is advisable to remain calm during the operation since you really can’t feel the surgery due to anesthesia. Based on experience, when the thin flap is removed, my eyes became so sensitive with light as if I just wanted to always close it and take a sleep.

The scheduled day of operation can accommodate two to four persons but only one at a time and unlike any other medical surgery, the Epi-Lasik procedure won’t lasts for a long time not even an hour. For me, it lasted only for about 18-19minutes. Watch the complete video footage of my actual Epi-Lasik operation below.

Epi-Lasik actual operation (video)

After the laser treatment, a temporary contact lens will be placed to cover the cornea for four days. It will serve as a bandage and during this time, it will help the healing process of the cornea to form a new thin flap. It is recommended that patient should rest the eyes to speed up the healing process, and he or she will be asked to wear swimming goggles during bath time as it will prevent the infection.

If you think the procedure is already finished, you are wrong because there will be series of post-operative instructions that needs to be followed like doctor’s follow-up consultation and medication.

It’s been two years since I’ve undergone the Epi-Lasik operation. Last month (April) marked my 2nd year and I really find it amazing — living my life eyeglasses free. Every day, my vision gets better and better, and I can proudly say that I’m a living proof of the Epi-Lasik technology, totally a godsend creation.

The operation cost is quite expensive but all I can say is “ITS WORTH IS MORE THAN AN INVESTMENT…” I wouldn’t deprive myself of the beautiful things around us. If I won’t take care of my eyes, then the refractive error condition might occur again in the future, the doctor said.

Furthermore, the doctor advised me that we should never ever rub our eyes too strong, or better yet never rub it at all because the shape of the lens can be damaged and the refractive error condition might take place.

For we know that the eyes can help us see not the future but the present that serves as the foundation of the future. (AAP)

Disclaimer: This article is based on experience. The actual operation may vary from person to person depending on the patient’s condition. It is recommended to consult your eye specialist for the best advice.

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12 Responses to The Wonders of Epi-Lasik

  1. jem alvarado says:

    More and more people wanted to undergo Epi-Lasik because it is very effective and helpful. I believe it is an amazing breakthrough in medical technology.

    • Aleks says:

      I know plenty of my colleagues already undergone the Lasik technology whether intra-lasik or epi-lasik. After posting this article, many others are inquiring as well about the price and the benefits. I hope they would clearly see the advantages of this amazing technology. 🙂

  2. Eduarda says:

    looking forward to another great article. good luck to the author! all the best!

  3. Aparecida says:

    i loved your intention to help people by writing these posts, thanks for it.

  4. email says:

    can you explain more about your post? actually, i cannot understand it fully. email email email email email

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  6. Dona says:

    Hi. How’s your vision now? Is it still 20/20?

    • Aleks says:

      Hello Dona,

      After the operation, my vision became 20/16. Then after 2 years, since I’m a workaholic, it became 20/20. Right now, my vision is 20/30.

      It’s natural since I’m not getting enough sleep. But according to my eye doctor, I need to take care of my eyes to retain my clear vision. 🙂


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