A True Project for a Good Cause

They say that we should learn from the oldies and we should teach the kiddies! So I keep on reminding myself that when I grow old, I will try my best to never commit the same mistakes I have learned from the elders. Hence to start that pretty much self-advocacy of mine; let me share with you a portion of my insight which is actually one of my experiences during the school days.

It is common for a teacher or professor to impose a school project related to a subject inside a classroom of whatever levels whether it’s in elementary, highschool or tertiary. But one thing I notice is that, the projects that they are actually imposing to the students is not that substantially helpful or practical in a sense that one might even forget it after a few months or so. Well, I excuse my statement for those who are in the Basic Education because the implied statement is for those who are in tertiary and college levels, Project Thesis should I say.

First things first! Of course, understandably, the project should be related to your respective courses or majors. One cannot submit a project or thesis about the ‘most delicious recipe’ if you are taking a technical course like Engineering or Architecture, moreover if you are a Medical Doctor student: no you shouldn’t do that! What I’m just saying is that, the project should be related to the respective course discipline, at the same time, it should be practical in a sense that it is useful to our life. I mean, that’s one of the reasons why we study right: to discover new things and use it to improve our daily lives ethically?

I can still remember the time when I was in college. My course is related to Electronics and Communications Engineering Technology. We have a subject that is called Signals and Antenna. Part of the curriculum is to study how the waves are propagating and transmitted from one medium to the other. As a final project, we need to create a TV Antenna that could actually capture signals which can be useful to our respective TV sets at home. Individually, we created our own Antenna designs depending on how many channels that we would like to capture. Our grades were dependent on how accurate our Antenna with our designs. We make used of different sizes of Aluminum Steels and connectors thus in order to attain the desired length of the materials, we conducted the process called Tube Bending.

With all those computations and analysis, we were able to finish our Antenna. Actually, it’s quite an experience because the said project was useful to us as it brought clear signals to our TV set.

Academe life just happens once in a lifetime so make the most out of it. Enjoy it as much as you can. Perhaps, we can make it pleasurable and productive enough at the same time! Take note that we go to school not just only to learn the lessons from the book or from our teachers but we are there to learn the lessons of life in general! (AAP)

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About Aleks

Engr. Aleksandre Pates (a.k.a. Aleks or André) is an I.T. Professional and Electronics Engineer by profession, but it didn’t hinder him to enrich his skills and broaden his experience in theater and literary. He is also a College Instructor/Professor, Playwright, Artistic/Creative Director, Singer, Songwriter/Composer, Resource Speaker/Lecturer of Campus Journalism, Editorial Writing, Creative Writing and Leadership Empowerment for Youth. He is a Palanca Awardee, and he was the Editor-In-Chief of The Philippine Artisan (official student publication of TUP-Manila) from 2003-2007. He is a Certified Oracle Partner Expert since 2010, a Certified Harvard Connected Manager, and a member of the prolific playwright organizations in the Philippines, The WritersBloc. He also holds numerous positions in socio-civic and professional organizations like Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines (IECEP – Manila Chapter), FEU Institute of Technology, and De La Salle Araneta University Alumni Association, Inc.
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