My Precious Aurum

Time is gold… As a very busy person, I really consider my time as a precious gold because I only use it productively and as much as possible, meaningful. Like the college gold ring that I used to have ten years ago.

I used to wear that ring during special occasion. Unfortunately, the memories of that gold ring have vanished when I lost it or should I say someone stole it from my baggage when I went to Malaysia two years ago.

It is true that gold symbolizes wealth not just during the renaissance period but until now. For others, they are considering gold as a special jewelry that should be worn out on balls, celebrations, and classy gatherings which should really be the case.

I believe that the striking shiny color of gold attracts lucky charms bringing graces and blessings to the one who owns it. Moreover, I bet the one who holds something like the especially designed Golden Eagle Coin can confidently say that he or she has one of the most precious things on earth.

If you think that Gollum has the most precious jewelry based on the film The Lord of the Rings, you are definitely wrong because as of today, there are lots of Jewelry stores that could offer the same unique quality and design but of course not the same powers behind that exquisite ring. (AAP)

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About Aleks

Engr. Aleksandre Pates (a.k.a. Aleks or André) is an I.T. Professional and Electronics Engineer by profession, but it didn’t hinder him to enrich his skills and broaden his experience in theater and literary. He is also a College Instructor/Professor, Playwright, Artistic/Creative Director, Singer, Songwriter/Composer, Resource Speaker/Lecturer of Campus Journalism, Editorial Writing, Creative Writing and Leadership Empowerment for Youth. He is a Palanca Awardee, and he was the Editor-In-Chief of The Philippine Artisan (official student publication of TUP-Manila) from 2003-2007. He is a Certified Oracle Partner Expert since 2010, a Certified Harvard Connected Manager, and a member of the prolific playwright organizations in the Philippines, The WritersBloc. He also holds numerous positions in socio-civic and professional organizations like Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines (IECEP – Manila Chapter), FEU Institute of Technology, and De La Salle Araneta University Alumni Association, Inc.
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