How Music Becomes Noise

Music can sometimes become noise… Well, it really depends on the preferred genre of the person. Sometimes, the person enjoys loud and noisy music like heavy metal or rock songs.

When I was still studying, I used to play music as a background. I preferred soft music because it helps me focused on my study provided that I have sufficient sleep because if I didn’t get that enough sleep, I felt dizzy and lazy instead.

In this scenario, playing soft music could only worsen the situation. It’s because soft music could serve as a lullaby song which would cause someone to yawn several times while reading a book or notes until he or she chooses to just sleep rather than finishing studying the lessons.

However, I knew some of my classmates who used to listen to heavy rock songs while studying to keep them awake. Imagine all the sounds coming from the strings of electric guitars, the beats of the drums and the husky loud voice of the lead vocalist, I wonder how they were able to concentrate during that time.

One of the factors that we could consider in order for us to say that music is pleasant to one’s ear is the quality of the sound. In this case, the speaker plays an important role. There are headphones, earphones or headsets that could play music better than the other. One could actually notice the difference with just the quality of sound.

But what if the music needs to be played in huge audience because of the occasion, let’s say birthday parties or company events? Is it just me or do you also notice the music becomes unpleasant everytime the volume is increase, and all you could hear is not the rhythm or melody of the songs anymore but only sounds with lots of bass and treble wherein one could consider this already as noise. That’s why one must invest in the quality of the speakers to be used in such event.

The price of those quality amplifiers may be expensive initially but if you’re after the value of the special gatherings that you will conduct, then you might want as well to consider purchasing excellent power amplifier speakers like qsc at musicians friend.

Our taste in music really depends on our emotions. With that being said, no one knows the standard of how music really becomes a noise to others! (AAP)

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