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When I was a child, my sister and I used to share one room and because we’re still kids, we were using a Double Deck bed wherein I was at the top of it while my sister’s bed was below mine. It’s actually a perfect experience for a kid like me because I was able to see the things around me in an elevated position which helped me surpassed my fear of heights. Aside from that, using a Double Deck bed is indeed practical for a family living in a house with limited space.

A few months ago, I saw in the news that there’s a high end condominium somewhere in Singapore where the owner who lives in the high rise levels can opt to avail a flexible parking: flexible in a sense that their car could be placed just beside the condo unit. Amazing, right? Gadgets are not the only thing that evolves in this world but also the physical design and engineering of the building infrastructures as well.

I have bought a lot somewhere in Taguig City. It has an area of 66 square meter; not quite big enough for someone who is dreaming of erecting a mansion but definitely could be considered as one of the man’s greatest assets. Someday, I would like my future apartment home to be erected on it. Of course, I’m planning to place a parking lot too. But knowing I only have a limited space, I might consider installing a parking lift for it would maximize my car’s parking space if I decided to own more than one car.

In reality, I know that I’m just dreaming these things but I know someday, I can fulfill this dream if I just keep on believing. For when we stop dreaming, we stop living, and that is the most significant belief that a person should consider. (AAP)

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2 Responses to Double Decker Parking Space

  1. Edlee Tusi says:

    Hi Aleks…Having that kind of parking design for a small space is really a great idea. I may suggest that you may also have your house erected over a garage or car port with no room on it except for the utility area. All of your private rooms including the living, dining and kitchen may be placed on the second floor, while bedrooms may be placed on the third. This would be the case if ever a slight flood, your private spaces will be apred while vehicle may be the only one affected (of course, I’m just advocating this in case of worst case scenario).

    • Aleks says:

      That’s a great suggestion Arch. Tusi! I owe you one. I’ll take note of that and I’ll consider it in the future design. Have a good day! 🙂

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