Flat Panel Mounting Can Save Room Space

I’m a very busy person but I see to it that I can still schedule a general cleaning of my room every month, or if not as soon as needed. However, if your room is not spacious and you have lots of stuff to consider, then that’s another thing. 

Moving furniture from one place to the other, throwing unnecessary documents and wiping each of the items found inside my room are some of the tasks that I need to fulfil to fully clean my room. Sometimes, I even experiment in redesigning it so that it would look different and not boring. But of all these tasks, what I don’t like is moving furniture to another part of the room, either lifting or pushing or even pulling. It seems like I’m a worker who lifts heavy hollow blocks in a construction site. 

It is common to stock several personal things for a bachelor like me which makes it more difficult in cleaning the room. Therefore, whenever I do the general cleaning, I also check what items can be taken out of my room. But aside from unloading stuffs, you might as well consider changing the plan of your room either by relocating the position of the furniture like the closet, table, or bed, and even the appliances. 

A study lamp, 2 DVD players (one portable and one rectangular), iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock, 15-inch laptop, 3-in-1 desk jet printer/scanner/copier, 18-inch desk fan and a 32-inch LCD Television Set are the electrical appliances that can be found inside my small room. Among these items, the 32-inch LCD Television set is the biggest of them all. Hence, I decided that before the year ends, I will be using flat panel mounts for the Television set to save space. It will not just free some but significantly large amount of space that would allow me to freely move my office chair from one part of the room to the other. More space means less stress. Moreover, it could also provide me proper posture whenever I watch my TV.

 Yes, proper posture matters, because in every task that we do, there is a recommended correct position of doing it. For example, when we pick up something from the ground or lifting heavy object, you need to carry it with your back, so as with watching TV, there is a suggested viewing angle. Usually, you can calculate the angle by using the Pythagorean Theorem as illustrated below.

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Pythagorean Theorem

The distance for watching TV varies not only depending on the size of the TV, but also the type of TV (resolution, screen ratio, CRT vs LCD vs LED). LCD/LED models have a more limited viewing angle, typically within 30degrees of center before the contrast is reduced significantly. They also lose contrast when viewed from too big of a vertical angle high or low. 

In order to install your TV at the right distance and appropriately, you will need flat panel mount for your TV.

So if I’m going to mount my TV set in a flat wall, I wouldn’t just give myself more room space but I could also enjoy my viewing experience. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Hand me some popcorn, and let the great cinematic experience begin! (AAP)

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